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The Source Of Euforia Coffee

A Guided Tour By Alexander Amez, founder of Euforia specialty coffee

The idea of going to Colombia to look for the right coffee bean was on my mind for a long time. I grew up in the United States, but I come from a farmer family that cultivated high-quality Arabica coffee beans by using authentic and natural methods.

Our 100% Arabica dark roasted specialty coffee beans stand out for the unique aroma and flavor that only the volcanic soil of “Quindío” Colombia can harvest into this world known coffee. 

I decided to revive our coffee passion by keeping the old traditional ways, to get only the best specialty coffee beans. I was looking for a coffee bean capable enough to meet all my expectations, such as origin, aroma, cup score and most importantly environmental-friendly.

So, after a long and detailed process, I was able to find the right coffee bean, and with the guidance of Latin-American writer and singer “LunaGabriela” we decided to call our coffee “Euforia” which translate to Euphoria, this name radiates energy, passion, and emotion, so it goes perfectly with the reaction we get when we drink this natural stimulant, which is full of natural properties and tasting notes that only specialty coffee can provide.

According to the rules of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), a coffee that gets a score of 80 points or more on a scale of 100 is considered a specialty coffee. The score is awarded by certified tasters of the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) of the United States, which takes into consideration all the parts of the production process from cultivation to the elaboration of the coffee cup.

Specialty coffee is obtained through a craft production process respectful to all parties involved, from the coffee grower to the barista. It is distinguished by the absence of defects and an amazing aroma, and flavor.

The cultivation of Euforia specialty coffee begins to take shape once the crop is carefully processed in a specific region with special conditions of shade, temperature, altitude, and humidity. All of these factors directly influence the quality of the coffee bean, which is obtained through a process of artisanal production in which the use of chemical, herbicides or pesticides is eliminated.

Euforia Specialty Coffee is always picked by hand and the coffee growers are in charge of selecting the coffee cherries when they are at the right point of maturity to avoid green or ripe ones, this an important factor to control coffee bitterness.

After being picked, the cherries go through the separation of the fleshy part of the fruit from the grain, then the grain is left to dry with solar light to remove excess moisture and then go through the dehulling process. At that time, the best coffee beans are selected by hand and those that have a visible defect (called pasilla) are automatically discarded.

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